Adopt A Vindicated Dog


Why Adopt?

According to the American Pit Bull Foundation, 3,500,000 adoptable dogs are euthanized each year simply because there are too many pets coming into the shelters and too few people who consider adoption. As more adopt rather than shop and commit to responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering their pets, society will make progress in this area. Be a part of the solution and not the problem by considering adoption.


Our Adoption Process

We aren’t going to lie, our adoption process is lengthy. Why? We aren’t the kind of rescue group that adopts dogs out on a first come first serve basis. Our adoption process is centered around finding quality matches for the dogs in our program. Aside from your adoption application and one on one interviews, we use a two week in-home trial (roughly the time it takes for a dog to acclimate to a new environment) to determine whether your lifestyle and the dog are a quality fit. Before any adoption is finalized, a two week in-home trial must be conducted. Please be advised that sometimes the dog you request for adoption may not be a good fit for you.

Adoption Fees

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What Does the Adoption Fee Cover?

  • A wellness visit at our vet

  • All mandatory vaccines (distemper, bordetella, and rabies)

  • Heart-worm and flea/tick preventatives

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Microchip (with registration!)


Vindicated Dogs

Each dog in our program has passed behavioral assessments and temperament evaluations. We spend a great deal of time with our dogs to get to know them so we can better match them with a potential family. 

All VPBR Dogs Have:

  • Had routine veterinary care

  • Had Basic obedience training while in foster care

  • Were held for a minimum of 14 days to observe their behavior before being introduced to the public.

  • Been spayed/neutered & microchipped