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The purpose of our work is twofold: to aid in the adoption of pit bull type dogs to responsible individuals and to help promote responsible breed ownership by providing both owner and public education services to our community.


Behavior vs Obedience Training

Yes, there is a difference between obedience and behavior training! Although commonly confused, it's important to know their differences so you can provide your dog with the correct training. Both methods are important and have their place, however, knowing which approach your dog needs is key. No one dog is the same, therefore their training can’t all be identical. Figure out which training method your dog needs and make it happen! With the correct training method, both you and your dog will develop the tools and skills needed to communicate properly. In general terms, obedience training is teaching your dog to do something (like a skill) while behavior training focuses on teaching your dog what NOT to do. While these methods may sound the same, they have drastically different approaches, outcomes, and reward structures.

What is Obedience Training?

Obedience training uses verbal commands or hand signals to teach a dog how to do something quickly (i.e., sit, stay, down, come). Obedience training is great to start right away especially with puppies, as this is the foundation you both will move forward from. Although obedience training is important for your dog, it is also an opportunity for YOU to learn how your dog responds and communicates.

What is behavior modification?

Behavior training focuses on the physiological and psychological state of a dog which cannot be properly addressed through obedience training. The goal of behavior training is to identify the root cause of unwanted behavior. For example, if your dog bolts out of the door each time you open it, you could teach him the command “come” and hopefully get him back. However, the underlying issue that needs to be addressed is why your dog continues to run for the door in the first place. In most cases, if the root cause of a behavioral issue can be identified, the behavior can be modified for the better.

Training Request Form

Looking for local obedience or behavior trainer? If you are interested in learning more about our training services, please fill out our Training Request form and submit the form below.

How to Report Animal Abuse

If you witness suspected cruelty to animals, call your local animal control agency as soon as possible or dial 9-1-1 if you’re unfamiliar with local organizations. If you make a report of alleged animal cruelty, the responding agency is required to investigate.

If your area lacks the proper animal welfare agency and your local authorities are not equipped to deal with animal cruelty cases, you can also the Humane Society of the United States. Be sure to document the case as well as you can with dates, times, specific details and, if possible, footage and photographs from a cell phone. All of these things can help appropriate agencies during any investigation they may do of the suspected cruelty.

Animal Service Dispatch in Alexandria: (703) 746-4444

Humane Law Enforcement Department Arlington: (202) 723-5730

FairFax County Animal Protection Police: (703) 691-2131

The City of Fairfax Animal Control: (703) 691-2131 

Falls Church Animal Control: (703) 241-5050

Gaithersburg Animal Control: (301) 258-6343

Loudoun County Animal Services: (703) 777-1021

Manassas City Animal Control: (703) 257-2420

Prince Williams County Animal Control: (703) 792-6465

Vienna Animal Control: (703) 255-6377

Lost My Dog

In the event that your dog is lost, here is a list of steps to follow:

  1. Contact Animal Care and Control and physically visit the facility to look for your lost dog (minimum every 24 hours).

  2. Contact your veterinarian.

  3. Communicate with neighbors to see if they have any information.

  4. Contact the local Humane Society and Rescue organizations to see if anyone has called or posted signage regarding your pet.

  5. Call the local emergency veterinary facilities for postings and/or patients brought in by good samaritans.

  6. Use your social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to send out an alert.

  7. Post Lost dog signs with a recent picture and your contact number in and around your neighborhood.


    • Always keep a collar with identifying tags on your dog!

    • Have your dog microchipped that way he or she can be found and brought to a hospital or shelter.

    • Obtain a county license for your dog.

    • Do not leave your dog unattended, unleashed or outdoors while an adult is not home.

    • Never leave a dog unattended where a physical fence is not in place.

    • Lock all doggie doors while you are not home.

Re-Homing a Dog

As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on the homes of our foster to care for the dogs in our program. That being said, we are unable to take in owner-surrendered dogs. However, we are always here to help! We are starting a re-homing program. If you would like more information or need help finding your dog a new home, use Adopt-a-Pet’s re-homing feature or fill out the form below.

Found a Stray

Always be cautious when approaching a dog you are unfamiliar with. Be aware of the dog’s body language at all times. Here are guidelines to follow if there is no visible identification like a collar with tags on the dog.

If a dog is on the road or highway and does not come when you call for it; shout in a low, firm voice to direct the animal away from the road and contact Animal Care and Control. Do not chase the animal if it is fearful; it could likely run back into the road.

Fairfax County I 703-830-1100 I
Prince William County I 703-792-6465 I
Loudoun County I 703-777-0406 I
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria I 703-838-4774 I
Animal Welfare League of Arlington I 703-931-9241 I
City of Manassas Animal Control I 703-257-2420 I
Humane Rescue Alliance:
New York Avenue I 202-576-6664 I
Oglethorpe Street I 202-726-2556 I

Pit Friendly Insurance Companies

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Caring Hands Animal Hospital

295 S. Van Dorn St.
Alexandria, VA 22304

2955C South Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22206

43300 Southern Walk Plaza
Suite #124
Ashburn, VA 20148

12733 Braemar Village Plaza
Bristow, VA 20136

5659 Stone Road
Centreville, VA 20120

2601-A Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA  22201

8100B Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church, VA  22042

825-H Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD  20852

Anicira Veterinary Center

9975 Pennsylvania Ave,
Manassas, VA 20110


1992 Medical Aveenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

VCA Centreville Animal Hospital

13663 Lee Highway
Centreville VA 20121

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All About Dogs I I 703-497-7878

Fur-Get Me Not I I 703- 933-1935 

Joyful Dog I I 703-554-2384

Kissable Canine I I 703-574-3383

My Fantastic Friend I I 443-741-1044

Positive Dog Solutions I I 202-630-0249

Spot On Dog Training I I 202-629-2967

Unleashed Joy I I 410-404-6492

Wholistic Hound I I 703- 962-6335

WOOFS! I I 703-536-7877 or 703-526-0218

Your Dog's Friend I I 301-983-5913