Our Story

Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue was founded in 2014 by a group of volunteers with one goal in mind: restore the reputation of the misrepresented and misunderstood "pit bull”. Today we are still dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing "pit bull" type dogs to responsible and educated owners. Our staff works closely with the shelters in our area, the dogs in our program, our fosters, and potential adopters in order to ensure success throughout the rescue to re-homing process. Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue is located in Northern Virginia and currently serves the Metropolitan DC area.


Our Staff



President & Founder

This rescue came to be all because of one dog who changed my life when I adopted him from the shelter in 2005. Moose made me see how misjudged, mistreated, and misinformed people were towards pit bull type dogs. I’ve been active in the rescue community for over 10 years and finally decided to launch Vindicated in 2014 to see what kind of good we could do. My mission is to change peoples perception of pit bull type dogs. My passion is to bring a kind of love, happiness, and joy to a family that only these dogs can offer.

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Vice President & Event Coordinator

I got into rescue about 8 years ago after my first pit bull, Boomer, passed away from cancer. I adopted Tank less than a month later and saw first hand how amazing rescue animals can be. I immediately wanted to get involved, not only to save these beautiful animals but also to educate and hopefully change people's minds about the pit bull type breed.

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Treasurer & Secretary

I was once very afraid of pit bull type dogs. The media portrayed these kinds of dogs as vicious and dangerous but I became curious. So I pushed outside of my comfort zone and started volunteering. I eventually became a foster. In January of 2013, I fostered my first dog. His name was Rigley and I fell in love. I guess you could call him my “foster fail” because he is still with me today as a permeant member of my family. I keep doing this type of work because I want to continue doing good and helping these wonderful dogs live the lives they deserve.

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Jack of all Trades

I got into rescue about 5 years ago after adopting my first pit, Sky, from the shelter. Sky was an older dog and the longest resident at the shelter, but she was amazing. I decided to give back by volunteering at the shelter. I quickly realized the stigma attached to the pit bull type dog and decided I needed to do more to end the discrimination of these amazing dogs. I wanted to work with a rescue group. That's when I found Vindicated. My first foster was a sweet dog named Willow. She set the tone for my foster experience and I've yet to stop. Over the years, my neighborhood has become a very pit-friendly community because of Sky, Willow, and my other foster dogs.

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